Veteran CISOs Ed Amoroso and Malcolm Harkins in conversation about Security Performance Management (SPM). Register here to watch the recorded webinar.

TrustMapp - Security & Privacy Performance Automation | Free Trial

Automated assessment workflows that are built on 50+ industry standard frameworks – assessments can be set up in minutes.

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TrustMapp - Security & Privacy Performance Automation | Free Trial

Pre-built analytics to help your organization translate compliance and maturity activities into a meaningful business narrative.

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TrustMapp - Security & Privacy Performance Automation | Free Trial

Tools like task management and risk registries help organizations understand where they are today, where they're going, and what it will take to get there.

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GRC solutions are “Great at Resource Consumption” – they are time vampires that require a ton of care and feeding with little yield on your investment.

TrustMAPP operationalizes quickly, instruments easily, and gives you the metrics, measurements, and maturity assessments in an easily consumable fashion so you can manage the business of security from the backroom to the boardroom.

– Former Intel CISO

I found TrustMAPP as I was researching the top 3 pain points in running an Office of the CISO for a Fortune 200 company. I was looking for simple/agile maturity assessments, the ability to deploy automated risk/compliance assessments, integrate the cyber security portfolio management back to maturity/risk, and overall provide better progress and risk measurement to the organization.

TrustMAPP was the only tool I found that did all of these things and was so simple, I didn’t need a team of people to operate it.

– Former Eli Lilly CISO

TrustMAPP meaningfully communicates the state of information security and information risk to all levels within an enterprise.

It customizes the presentation of the same data so the message is readily understandable and actionable by O&T teams, up to the C-suite and the Board.

It is a product that I wish was available when I was the CISO at Citigroup.

– Former Citigroup CISO


Time savings using TrustMAPP vs. standard manual processes.


Industry framework-based assessment templates.



Average time it takes for customers to set up and complete an assessment.

TrustMapp - Security & Privacy Performance Automation | Free Trial

Results in minutes,
not days.

Assess your security and privacy maturity better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, web-based remediation tools.

Framework Templates

Customizable Options

Remediation Tools

Risk Registry

Reports & Dashboards

Budget & Planning

Reduce Assessment Fatigue and Expenses Related to Traditional Approaches.

TrustMAPP lets you create single assessments or group by regions based upon any number and combination of 50+ cybersecurity and privacy frameworks.

Core Features
TrustMapp - Security & Privacy Performance Automation | Free Trial