TrustMAPP – Cybersecurity Performance Management

TrustMAPP is a Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance management platform that automates the Assessment, Reporting, Planning and Improvement lifecycle. TrustMAPP gives CISOs a real-time view of their cybersecurity performance. TrustMAPP tells you where you are, where you’re going, and what it will take to get there.

From a single source or multiple data integrations, an organization’s security posture is visible based on stakeholder perspectives: Analyst , Auditor to CISO, C-Suite, and Board Directors. TrustMAPP gives organizations the ability to manage security as a business, quantifying and prioritizing remediation investment that reduces risk and increases program maturity.

Measure your security posture and report on risk, compliance and maturity while also estimating budgets for security posture changes. TrustMAPP is used by customers to provide a source of record for security, risk and GRC teams.

Former Honeywell CISO

“TrustMAPP addresses the problem of expensive, disruptive, time-consuming, manual, and repetitive security program assessments by building an automated workflow, analysis and decision support platform.”

Former CISO of Vista Equity Partners

“All boards want to know a TCO of the investment they approved. TrustMAPP allows for a discussion around improvements and costs, versus metrics that the board have a hard time digesting. Continual assessment is the proof for continual improvement.”


“TrustMAPP works at scale – at the level of business where a CISO and a board need to converse. TrustMAPP lives at the sweet spot of practicality and functionality. Rather than tracking minutiae, TrustMAPP gets to the heart of the program and speaks to real deficiencies.”

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