Accliviti Name Change

Published On: May 17, 2016Categories: News

As an Accliviti subscriber, we would like you to know about a very important update to the Accliviti platform.  We have renamed the platform TrustMAPP effective May 10, 2016. Key functionality of the product will not be affected by the name change.

We have made this change in response to market and customer feedback. The new brand TrustMAPP better reflects what the platform delivers—a Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (or MAPP) for strengthening security programs by improving process maturity. A clear MAPP builds critical trust among security leaders, executives, and teams across an organization and supports greater confidence in its shared security program. By blending these concepts, the name TrustMAPP captures the game-changing benefits of this platform. It also reflects a core value—trust—that SDS strives to earn in every client relationship.

The website address you use to access the platform will now replace Accliviti with TrustMAPP [e.g., company will now be company We have created automated redirects and updated URLs for future survey notification emails. However, you and those taking your surveys currently may want to update any existing bookmarks, using the URL convention above.

We look forward to your continued use of the TrustMAPP platform, formerly Accliviti.  We welcome any feedback or questions regarding our name change. Contact here.