Achieving Return On Security Investment

Published On: January 10, 2023

This post was contributed by Josh Bruyning, Cybersecurity Solutions Engineer at TrustMAPP.

As a chief information security officer (CISO), you are responsible for ensuring the security of your organization’s sensitive data and systems. One of the key ways to do this is by investing in cybersecurity measures that protect against threats and vulnerabilities. However, as with any investment, it is important to consider the return on security investment (ROSI) – in other words, the benefits the investment brings to the organization.

One way to maximize ROSI is by achieving a high level of cybersecurity maturity. Cybersecurity maturity refers to the level of effectiveness with which an organization manages and defends against cyber threats. A mature cybersecurity program is one that has well-defined policies, procedures, and processes in place to identify, respond to, and prevent cyber threats.

There are several benefits to achieving a high level of cybersecurity maturity:

Improved protection against threats.

A mature cybersecurity program can significantly reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack and improve an organization’s overall security posture. According to a survey conducted by the cybersecurity firm FireEye, organizations with a mature cybersecurity program experienced 63% fewer breaches compared to those with an immature program. Another study by the Ponemon Institute found that organizations with mature cybersecurity programs had a 51% lower total cost of data breaches compared to those with immature programs. These statistics demonstrate the importance of investing in cybersecurity maturity in order to maximize the return on security investment.

Increased efficiency:

A mature cybersecurity program is more efficient, as it is better able to identify and respond to threats in a timely manner. This can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on responding to and recovering from a cyber attack. Well-defined policies mature cybersecurity programs will have clear, well-defined policies and procedures in place for identifying, responding to, and preventing cyber threats. This helps to streamline the process of responding to threats and ensures that all team members know their roles and responsibilities.

Mature cybersecurity programs may also use automated tools and processes to monitor for threats and alert the appropriate team members when a threat is detected. This can help to reduce the time it takes to respond to a threat and ensure that the appropriate actions are taken quickly. Regular training and testing will provide regular training and testing to ensure that team members are up-to-date on the latest threats and know how to respond to them. This helps to reduce the time and resources required to respond to a threat and ensures that the team is prepared to handle any situation that may arise. The use of industry best practices ensures that security leaders adhere to guidelines in order to ensure that the organization is taking a proactive, risk-based approach to cybersecurity, reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack and improve overall efficiency.

Enhanced reputation:

By investing in a mature cybersecurity program, a CISO demonstrates to customers, partners, and stakeholders that the organization takes its security seriously. This can build trust and enhance the organization’s reputation. A mature cybersecurity program demonstrates to customers, partners, and stakeholders that the organization takes its security seriously, which can improve its reputation and build trust. A mature cybersecurity program is better equipped to identify and defend against threats, reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack. This can help to protect the organization’s reputation, as a successful cyber attack can damage an organization’s reputation and lead to a loss of customer trust. Overall, a mature cybersecurity program can help to enhance a CISO’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to security, reducing the risk of a successful cyber attack, enhancing compliance, and improving customer satisfaction.

Increased competitiveness:

A mature cybersecurity program can give an organization a competitive edge, as it can differentiate the organization from its competitors and attract customers who prioritize security. A mature cybersecurity program is more likely to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of fines and penalties. This can help demonstrate the organization’s commitment to security and enhance the CISO’s reputation. Outrun the competition by making it too expensive for bad actors to exploit by achieving a high level of cybersecurity.

Achieving a high level of cybersecurity maturity is essential for maximizing the return on security investment (ROSI) for an organization. A mature cybersecurity program can significantly improve an organization’s protection against threats, increase efficiency, enhance reputation, and improve security performance. By investing in cybersecurity maturity, a CISO can ensure that the organization’s sensitive data and systems are well-protected, leading to long-term benefits.

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