Alarming Number of Healthcare Companies Have Experienced Data Breaches

Published On: October 1, 2015Categories: Breaches, Blog

It is a startling statistic, especially when you think of how much of your personal data your health care providers has: 81% of hospitals and health insurance companies have been the victim of some sort of data breach, reports a recent study conducted by KPMG. This study surveyed 223 senior technology and security executives at various healthcare organizations around the country with over $500 million in annual revenues.

This study points to several potential factors that may be contributing to this problem:

  • 66% of the insurance executives and 53 percent of hospital executives surveyed said that their organization was prepared for an attack.
  • 16% report being unable to detect an attack while it is happening
  • Staffing may be a problem for these organizations in that 23% of these organizations do not have an identified security operations center that is charged with identifying and evaluating these data threats.
  • There also seems to be a disconnect between the organizational leadership who believes that their organization is fully prepared for a data breach and the security operations teams that manage the attacks for the organization.
  • Because the nature and level of threats can change and increase constantly, more money, training and education may be constantly needed to keep up with these data breaches.

Preventing Data Breaches In Your Healthcare Organization

Preventing these data breaches takes a united front from an organizational standpoint, and a strategic and forward thinking mindset, and resources to identify, evaluate and battle these pervasive attacks.

TrustMAPP, the first software platform to automate and visualize information security risk management based on process maturity, was created with the goal of filling three large gaps in information security management:

1) to provide an accurate measurement of security across large enterprises;

2) to visually guide development of a strong information security framework;

3) to communicate security to management as a justification for security investments.

TrustMAPP Puts Information Security At Your Fingertips

TrustMAPP allows you to quickly assess, measure, analyze, and improve on your company’s entire information security position—across your healthcare organization, even spanning multiple locations. Our technology is available literally at your fingertips on any device. TrustMAPP gives you real-time intelligence to manage and communicate the maturity of your information security and privacy programs by department, group, business unit, or subsidiary.

If you are interested in learning more about TrustMAPP software or would like to schedule a customized product demonstration, call our team at (952) 544-0234 or email us at We can help your organization be protected from the next data breach!