Ashley Madison Hack

Published On: September 10, 2015Categories: Breaches, Blog

Cyber Crime is on the rise and the stakes have never been higher. Just ask the owners of hacked website Ashley Madison where Over 30 Million Accounts were compromised. Client’s names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and sexual preferences were put out there for all of the world to see. The shear quantity of victims has made cyber crime real for Americans. Businesses all across the country should take notice and take steps to Protect Customer Data from being the next unsuspecting victim of an embarrassing and costly data breach. Implementing a software system called TrustMAPP allows you to Elevate Your Data Security Protocol with information at your fingertips when you need it fast.

Cyber Crime is Real for Americans

The Ashley Madison Hack touched almost every community across the US. There were only 3 zip codes that showed no records of users with an Ashley Madison account. Research concluded that all three zip codes have very limited access to the internet and very limited populations of residents. Every other community across the country is home to someone who’s personal information may have been hacked. The profound impact of such a large data breach has made Cyber Crime Real for Americans.

Protect Customer Data

When back end servers at Ashley Madison were hacked into, the sometimes very personal information on millions of clients was left vulnerable. The company claimed that customer accounts and account activity would be erased for a fee. The hackers proved otherwise. The hack into sensitive information on the company’s servers demonstrated a vulnerability of the business’ ability to Protect Customer Data.

Vital Cybersecurity Information at your Fingertips

Having Vital Cybersecurity Information right at your fingertips can be a virtual lifesaver for organizations trusted with Customer Data. The intelligent security dashboard used with the TrustMAPP Software Platform lets you gauge your security strength very quickly. We provide security assessment and detailed incident response when and where you need it the most.

Elevate Your Data Security Protocol

Profoundly Elevate Your Data Security Protocol with the assistance of TrustMAPP Information Security Software. Cyber Crimes like the Ashley Madison Hack have demonstrated how important it is for organizations to know where they stand at all times on Protecting Customer Data. TrustMAPP’s intelligent security dashboard provides visuals that you can use to Gauge Your Security Strength and implement improvements more quickly to minimize exposure.

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