Assessments reinvented.

Assess Easily.

Budget Accordingly.

Remediate Knowledably.

Keep up with constantly changing laws and regulations. With TrustMAPP, you can achieve continuous cyber security maturity and risk alignment. TrustMAPP provides pre-built and customizable templates mapped across frameworks and regulations to make it easy to understand what needs to be done to maintain security posture and manage an acceptable level of risk. 

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Assessment Process Steps with TrustMAPP

Step 1. Create your assessments

TrustMAPP offers preconfigured assessment templates for many widely used frameworks, including NIST CSF, COBIT, ISO27002, GDPR, HIPAA, FFIEC, and PCI-DSS. These templates map controls back to processes, making it easy to ensure compliance with requirements.

Step 2. Analyze results

TrustMAPP provides leaders with a real-time view of the responses and allows analysis to begin almost immediately.

Step 3. Identify and address risks

Generate a gap analysis between current and desired performance level, along with remediation steps and estimated efforts. Because TrustMAPP documents and managed the entire process, continuously, ongoing analysis and adjustments are a regular course of business activity.

Step 4. Establish benchmarks and remediation

The TrustMAPP task management feature makes it easy to update analytics and track changes so your team can adjust priorities along the way. With visual reporting, areas of deficiency are illuminated and adjustments can be made.

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