Be Prepared for Destructive Malware

Published On: September 8, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

Destructive Malware utilizes common communication tools to impact daily operations of an organization. The threat may be spread through a malicious email or downloaded file. It is imperative that businesses and organizations be very vigilant in evaluating risk factors within their network architecture. A high effective and Affordable Information Security Platform called TrustMAPP allows you to easily Visualize Information Security Risks. This is a wonderful tool for being actively prepared for a potentially catastrophic event.

Business Online Security Tips

Being prepared in the digital age requires careful planning and constant assessment. Destructive Malware can evolve and come at you through atypical channels. Organizations must follow through with a comprehensive approach to data security. The following Online Security Tips can assist businesses with Risk Assessment, Threat Analysis and Planning Strategies for a more secure online presence.

  • Utilize the intelligent TrustMAPP security dashboard
  • Assess your company’s risk factors
  • Monitor all cybersecurity threats
  • Measure the strength of your existing security
  • Implement a security plan to improve upon existing measures
  • Ensure that your customers are protected from a security breach
  • Keep security software updated with automated updates
  • Train employees on company policies regarding cybersecurity
  • Secure your accounts with a separate, strong password for each account
  • Use advanced security measures that go beyond password protection
  • Beware of suspicious links or email attachments that may have come from a recognized source
  • Secure all devices that have an internet connection
  • Limit access to computers, smart phones and tablets with sensitive data
  • Make and protect backup copies of all important information

Visualize Information Security Risks

The ability to quickly Visualize Information Security Risks puts your business ahead of the cybersecurity game. The TrustMAPP Software Platform was developed by industry experts at Secure Digital Solutions. The interactive security dashboard provides clear and accurate cyber security information that businesses can rely on. Corporate security officers can quickly Assess Risk, Measure Security, Analyze Results and Improve upon security protocols with real time access across the entire organization.

Affordable Information Security Platform

Businesses across the country are realizing the need to incorporate Cybersecurity as an essential cost of doing business. The security experts at Secure Digital Solutions have developed TrustMAPP as an Affordable Information Security Platform. Our convenient Security Dashboard provides real time Visualization of Information Security Risk Management. Your entire organization can have intelligent protection from Destructive Malware or a Data Breach.

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