Information Security Leaders: Set Your Cybersecurity Roadmap to Success

You get what you measure. When cybersecurity performance is managed across myriad tools, it can be difficult and time-consuming to measure the program. TrustMAPP brings these disparate pieces together, allowing you to quickly produce reports and dashboards. Working from a vast and connected set of data, you gain context and visibility to measure, predict, and show trends. You also have the ability to benchmark against your industry peers using a common standardized measurement.

Trending privacy and security performance

Privacy and security assessment and reporting is easy, extensive and actionable with TrustMAPP. TrustMAPP provides privacy and cybersecurity teams the ability to trend performance over time. TrustMAPP develops a Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) highlighting out-of-compliance business processes and recommended adjustments.

Measure performance across teams

Keep your team on the same page with common goals and planned objectives. With TrustMAPP you can conduct trending analysis to understand how divisional security teams across your enterprise are performing against a common set of performance metrics.