Best Practices for Cyber Data Security

Published On: October 6, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

If you’re a business owner you likely have a million “hats” to wear on a daily basis. You probably handle sales, marketing, customer service, IT, payroll and many other tasks. This is simply the price of running your own business. While the benefits of being your own boss are often worth it, running your own business is hard work. One area that often gets overlooked is data security. At Secure Digital Solutions we thought we would put together a list of best practices for Cyber Data Security to help you ensure your company is protected against cyber threats.

Focus on Educating Your Employees

Many people think of cyber attacks as a hacker holed up in a basement somewhere attacking computers from afar. While this does happen, employees themselves can also engage in risky behaviors resulting in significant harm to your business. A few of the ways that your employees may subject your business to cyber attacks include:

  • Use of unauthorized applications that may not be safe
  • Unauthorized network access
  • Emailing files or documents to personal email accounts to work on later.
  • Sharing of passwords
  • Creating passwords that are not secure
  • Misusing company computers
  • Not securing computers
  • Falling for phishing or social engineering schemes

What is a Business to Do?

If you fear your employees may be committing some of the above missteps, it’s time to educate your employees. You should immediately begin drafting policies on the following items:

  • Accepted software
  • Unsecure passwords
  • Who is able to access company networks and computers
  • Rules regarding remote work arrangements
  • Rules regarding securing company computers

This short list can be a great start in terms of crafting company policies to combat cyber threats. It’s likely best to sit down with your employees to ensure that they understand and will comply with these policies. After you’ve crafted these security policies you must then do your part and actually enforce them.

Backup Your Data

Another important piece regarding cyber security is that it’s incredibly important to regularly backup all of your important company data. If your network falls victim to a cyber attack and you have no backup you’ll likely be in serious trouble. Some businesses have even been forced to completely close down after losing all of their company data.

Need Help With Your Internet Security?

If you’re looking for help when it comes to your company’s Internet security, Secure Digital Solutions is here to help. We offer a unique software platform, TrustMAPP, which helps businesses create security policies and properly enforce them across all areas of a company. To hear more about our security solutions or to request a free demo of our security software, contact us today at 952-544-0234.