TrustMAPP Takes You Beyond GRC

TrustMAPP delivers Security Performance Management, giving CISOs a real-time view of their cybersecurity maturity.

TrustMAPP isn’t yet another IT GRC tool. Instead, TrustMAPP complements and improves your GRC (but it can also be used without a GRC solution).

TrustMAPP enhances GRC by converting data trapped in GRC into dynamic data visualizations and dashboards, and accurate advice about performance gaps and remediation priorities.

With its automated workflows, TrustMAPP saves CISOs and GRC teams 70% of the labor involved in assessments.

TrustMAPP is at the forefront of this “Beyond GRC” movement, in which more and more organizations are realizing the inadequacies of their current approach to security assessments, and are asking good, hard questions about where they go next.

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Interview: The Need For Security Performance Management

In this interview, Chad Boeckmann, CEO and Founder of TrustMAPP, chats with Ed Amoroso of TAG-Cyber about how TrustMAPP’s unique Security Performance Management platform goes beyond GRC. 

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