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The Cost of a Data Breach

Interactive Digital Data Security SoftwareIf you’ve been following the news lately you’ve likely heard of data breaches affecting companies of all sizes. These breaches have cost companies billions of dollars and the frequency only seems to be going up. As a company of any size, it’s incredibly important to position yourself to be able to identify and thwart these types of attacks. In today’s fast paced economy it’s not about if your company is affected by a data breach, it’s more a matter of when. At TrustMAPP we offer an interactive software platform to help you automate the process of assessing security risk and responding accordingly. Read Full Post

Prevent a Data Breach

Visual Security Breach ReadinessAs technology continues to dominate our lives, the threat that some type of threat such as a data breach can significantly impact us is very real. Companies that house and store customer data are especially vulnerable to data breaches and many times can be held liable for loss of data. In a large company it can sometimes be difficult for IT level employees to communicate to non-technical employees the need for monitoring software to assess a company’s risk of exposure to data breaches. Read Full Post