Boost Confidence of Board Around Information Security

Published On: December 22, 2015Categories: Blog

Some of the largest companies in the world are having the personal information of their customers compromised because of cyberattacks. For instance, one of America’s largest health insurance providers, Anthem, was hacked and more than 80 million customers had their personal information released to the public. Cyberattacks are now coming from so many different angles that it makes it extremely difficult for information security managers to manage all of the threats. Board members of companies at all levels are on edge because they do not want to be the next business to experience a cybersecurity breach. As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), it is your role to provide the board reassurance that your team has a tight grip on the security of your firm. With this much responsibility, consider investing in a supplemental information security platform, TrustMAPP, that will help you maintain the control and strength of your firm’s cyber security as well as help boost the confidence of board members.

New Focus on Security by Boards

Before the advancement of technology over the last decade or so, information security was not at the top of board member conversation. Now that large corporations like Anthem, Target, Home Depot and Sony Pictures have been caught in the midst of cyberattacks, board members have taken notice. In fact, research has shown that information security is the number 2 most important topic with board members, just behind strategic planning. There were over 40 million cybersecurity incidents in 2014, making board members nervous for what is to come. TrustMAPP is here to provide you the necessary assistance to help your company’s board members sleep better at night, not having to stress over a cyber attack.

Putting the Controls In Place

TrustMAPP specializes in helping companies put practices in place regarding risk assessment, security measurement, analysis and how to improve security strength across the firm. Let our staff help you prioritize potential threats and decide on which one’s to focus on. Analyzing and communicating these threats at a simple level where board members can understand is difficult. TrustMAPP has easy to understand reports and graphs to help CISO’s communicate potential threats to the board. Putting controls in place to improve the strength of your firm’s information security is a high priority for board members. TrustMAPP can help you create a security roadmap that is built for long term success.

Across this country, board members of all types of companies are on high alert when it comes to cybersecurity. Team up with TrustMAPP to help bring confidence to your board members around the strength of your information security. Give us a call today at (952) 544-0234 to learn more about how our information security platform can put extra cybersecurity practices in place.