The Business Of Security Podcast #30 – Hiring and Securing a Remote Workforce

In this episode we discuss the process of recruiting, identifying culture fit and managing trust with a remote workforce and how these components impact the security profile of a company.

The discussion begins with identifying an appropriate recruiting process for a remote workforce and measuring the appropriate candidates to hire in a remote workforce scenario. We also dive into how this remote work environment has opened up a potentially broader skillset that previously may not have been available for open opportunities.

Lucinda defines for us Trust in the Workforce: Capability, Reliability, Intent and answers the question of which of these three criteria is coachable.

Malcolm discusses the security implications and and how these things have not changed a whole lot while determining where specific controls may have failed and the importance of continually managing expectations for security and applying awareness while reinforcing training. Further the discussion dovetails into how effective security performance management provides the transparency of these controls.

Lucinda DuToit, VP of Human Resources, Digineer

Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cymatic

Chad Boeckmann, Founder/CEO, TrustMAPP