The Business of Security Podcast Series #35 – Business Resiliency with Gus Thompson

Join Chad and Malcolm as they chat with Gus Thompson, Consulting Managing Director at TruDoss, about business resilience.

In this episode, hear about:

  • How one breach of a company he previously  worked for led to them to learn and develop new principles of resiliency.
  • How those principles and play book helped them when they were hit with another breach, and how much better and faster their response was.
  • Learn why Gus distinguishes between cyber security (protects the data), and cyber resilience (protects the business).
  • Discover why Gus defines resiliency as Cope and Recover, and how organization can learn to do better and faster the next time.

Gus Thompson, Consulting Managing Director at TruDoss

Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cymatic
Chad Boeckmann, Founder/CEO, TrustMAPP