Case Study: Internet Communications Company Uses TrustMAPP for HIPAA Compliancy

The Challenge 

This internet communications company wanted to ensure its offerings were ready to launch in new markets. Its team recognized the increased role of compliance and cybersecurity therefore, the company wanted to focus on if it was HIPAA compliant to sell to healthcare providers and if the company was GDPR compliant to sell into the EU. 

The Solution 

TrustMAPP provided a platform that its team used to assess against more than 50 regulations, so it would scale as they approached new markets. TrustMAPP rapidly gave the information the company needed to inform its product and go-to-market decisions. It was fast enough to keep pace with the fast-moving business, and its remediation recommendation plugged into the company’s product roadmap. 

The Outcome 

The assessments immediately validated which markets were available to the company in the moment, and which would require improvements to the company’s cyber maturity. The company advanced from a DevOps approach to a DevSecOps approach that baked security deeper into its offerings. Privacy and security also haa seat at the table which steered product strategy.