Case Study: TrustMAPP Helps Hospital Assess HIPAA Security Compliance

The Challenge 

This hospital, with 54,000 employees and 19-hospital healthcare system, had assessed its HIPAA Privacy, but not its HIPAA Security Compliance. That was an immediate need, but its security team also wanted to be ready to handle the 89 assessments they must do every year. Their prior experience with a boots on the ground consulting company hadn’t satisfied their needs, and their homemade tool was deemed a valiant effort but not scalable. 

The Solution 

The TrustMAPP platform was up and running, with the first framework and all 180 respondents configured, in just a few days. The entire assessment process took less than a month. The CISO and all other stakeholders got the kind of reports they liked and could base business decisions on. 

The Outcome 

The healthcare organization completed successful assessments in record time. TrustMAPP didn’t just save time, it guided the company’s remediations and elevateits overall security maturity. TrustMAPP provided a scalable platform that let its team operationalize and centralize its broad assortment of assessments.