Case Study: TrustMAPP Established PCI Compliance Stance for Financial Services Company

The Challenge 

A consumer-based financial services company sought to achieve PCI compliance and meet the security requirements of its high-profile clientele. 

The Solution 

The customer engaged services from Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) to establish a solid PCI compliance stance. SDS used TrustMAPP to deliver recommendations regarding gaps in current policy within the Information Security Program, log management standards for operating systems and network devices that meet PCI DSS requirements, and review of current credit card data flow through customer’s core application. TrustMAPP also provided recommendations to improve controls of stored and transmitted cardholder data within the core application. 

The Outcome 

TrustMAPP helped the company enhance marketability and appeal through achieving a compliant stance with PCI Merchant Level 1. The company was also able to achieve scalable and maintainable compliance framework that supported its business growth objectives and the team was able to develop and practice a continuous compliance mindset