Data Breach Prevention

August 14, 2017 Ed Snodgrass, CISO, Secure Digital Solutions Frameworks are important. They lay the foundation for what will eventually be built. Whether building a structure, a vehicle, a medical device or a security program, the need to begin construction using an established set of requirements is critical. It allows […]

The Real Difference Between Frameworks and Compliance

Data Security ImprovementsSome of the largest companies in the world are having the personal information of their customers compromised because of cyberattacks. For instance, one of America’s largest health insurance providers, Anthem, was hacked and more than 80 million customers had their personal information released to the public. Cyberattacks are now coming from so many different angles that it makes it extremely difficult for information security managers to manage all of the threats. Read Full Post

Boost Confidence of Board Around Information Security

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)Information security has become quite a popular topic with board members over the years. The advancement of the Internet and social media has helped companies in many ways, however it has also caused them to be more cautious when it comes to cyber security. No company wants to be the next big name that makes the news because they were breached. The role as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has never been more important. Read Full Post

CISO Discussing Cybersecurity

Tips for Cyber Security Traveling
Tips for Cyber Security TravelingWhen you get ready to embark on a journey out of the country, what are some of the things you consider as top priority? In this day in age, most would respond with safety. How am I going to stay safe? How am I going to keep my belongings safe? What do I need to bring to protect myself? These are all pretty valid questions but do you ever think about the security of your own devices? How are you keeping both personal and business related items safe? Read Full Post

Importance of Travel Security

Cyber risk assessment and managementWhen you hear the term “cyber breach,” a few companies that we will not mention may come to mind. Your company ending up on the wrong end of a cyber breach could negatively affect your long term success. As customers, individuals, and everyone expect for their personal information to be protected at all times... Read Full Post

Staying Ahead of Cyber Security Threats

Improve Cyber SecurityYour Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is one of the most vital positions in your organization and the importance of this role will continue to increase and evolve over the next decade. Security threats are on the rise and when a highly visible company is attacked, a strong reputation and high profit margin can be lost in an instant. Read Full Post

The Critical and Evolving Role of a CISO

Preventing Data BreachesWith every passing year, there seems to be breaking news of a new massive online security breach that puts customer data at risk and companies in jeopardy of losing business and their reputation. There are lot of differing and sometimes competing opinions about how best to secure your site and out of the box thinking may be the key to protecting your company’s future. Read Full Post

Effective Security Solutions: Be Progressive, not Submissive

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cyber securityGrowing up, we are taught that confidence is a great characteristic to have when it comes to school, sports, and friends. Some of the most successful people in America are extremely confident. There is a fine line, however, in being confident vs. becoming over confident. Having too much faith in oneself can end up getting you in trouble. In the same way that overconfidence can bring down an individual, the same can be said for a company that is too confident about their security. Read Full Post

Is your Company too Confident about its Security?

Avoid Security BreachesCyber Threats are very real and growing. Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) are faced with challenges from corporations and stakeholders that want to protect assets, information, customers and brand while executing growth strategies. It has become increasingly clear that CISOs need help with developing security programs that work. Read Full Post

Avoid Security Breaches

Visual Security Breach ReadinessData Security has become one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Data Protection Strategies are not just for major corporations or those that handle highly sensitive information. Every small business should have Effective Data Security Measures in place to ensure the safety of important data such as financial records and client information. The process of Assessing Risk, Measuring Effectiveness, Analyzing Results and Improving Strength has been simplified... Read Full Post

Effective Data Security Measures

Preventing Data Breaches It is a startling statistic, especially when you think of how much of your personal data your health care providers has: 81% of hospitals and health insurance companies have been the victim of some sort of data breach, reports a recent study conducted by KPMG. This study surveyed 223 senior technology and security executives at various healthcare organizations around the country with over $500 million in annual revenues. Read Full Post

Alarming Number of Healthcare Companies Have Experienced Data Breaches

Keep Safe OnlineWe live in a day in age where almost everything is technology based. From the way our cars drive to how we lock our doors at night, our life depends a lot on technology. When someone trusts your business or online website with their valuable information, like a credit card or social security number, it’s important that you have a high alert information security system. While it’s important to keep yourself safe from these types of attacks, let’s not forget the simple ways... Read Full Post

Minimize your Online Risk

Protecting Customer DataCyber Crime is on the rise and the stakes have never been higher. Just ask the owners of hacked website Ashley Madison where Over 30 Million Accounts were compromised. Client’s names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and sexual preferences were put out there for all of the world to see. The shear quantity of victims has made cyber crime real for Americans... Read Full Post

Ashley Madison Hack

Preventing Virus/MalwareDestructive Malware utilizes common communication tools to impact daily operations of an organization. The threat may be spread through a malicious email or downloaded file. It is imperative that businesses and organizations be very vigilant in evaluating risk factors within their network architecture. A high effective and Affordable Information Security Platform... Read Full Post

Be Prepared for Destructive Malware

manage information securityWhat is the point of valuable security data if you do not know how to analyze the results? Just like with a clothing store, there needs to be something behind the scenes that analyzes the data to make sure you are appealing to the correct people... Read Full Post

Usable Information Security Analyzation

Securly Use CloudAt Secure Digital Solutions we’re often asked how businesses can securely use the cloud. Sure the cloud offers loads of flexibility when it comes to data storage and accessibility but these same conveniences also open up companies to potential data breaches. We would like to share ways for companies - of all sizes - to securely use the cloud... Read Full Post

How To: Securely Use The Cloud