Data Breaches In the News

Protecting Customer DataCyber Crime is on the rise and the stakes have never been higher. Just ask the owners of hacked website Ashley Madison where Over 30 Million Accounts were compromised. Client’s names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and sexual preferences were put out there for all of the world to see. The shear quantity of victims has made cyber crime real for Americans... Read Full Post

Ashley Madison Hack

Interactive Digital Data Security SoftwareIf you’ve been following the news lately you’ve likely heard of data breaches affecting companies of all sizes. These breaches have cost companies billions of dollars and the frequency only seems to be going up. As a company of any size, it’s incredibly important to position yourself to be able to identify and thwart these types of attacks. In today’s fast paced economy it’s not about if your company is affected by a data breach, it’s more a matter of when. At TrustMAPP we offer an interactive software platform to help you automate the process of assessing security risk and responding accordingly. Read Full Post

The Cost of a Data Breach