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February 27th, 2018 Ed Snodgrass, CISO, Secure Digital Solutions Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are exciting capabilities that will undoubtedly impact the cybersecurity industry. The potential benefits are staggering. Intelligent machines could implement algorithms to identify cyber threats in real-time and provide an instantaneous response. So-called Software Designed Secure Networks […]

Artificial Intelligence: Are Your Processes Ready to Support A.I.?

Board Member Cybersecurity QuestionsIt’s no secret that cybersecurity has become a hot topic throughout our country in regards to keeping both our homes and our businesses safe. So what are people really concerned about when it comes to online security threats in larger corporations? TrustMAPP has done its homework and found common cybersecurity questions that board members most often bring up. If you are a large shareholder within your company, it’s time to listen to their concerns! Read Full Post

Common Cyber Security Questions from Boards

Cyber risk assessment and managementStart 2016 off right by quickly improving the information security of your company. It is important that you stay ahead of the security and data breaches that seem to be popping up in all different directions. Not only does your company’s security have a direct impact on your organization's success, but it also helps maintain trust between you and your customers. Read Full Post

Quickly Improve Your Company's Security

cyber securityDecision makers and executive teams of corporations have a lot of stress on their shoulders because one wrong decision can negatively impact the success of a firm. That is why these individuals expect the fine detail of any project or threat be brought to the board members so that they can come to a comfortable decision. When it comes to information security, as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), it is your responsibility to demonstrate accurate and valuable... Read Full Post

Validating Importance of Information Security to Decision Makers

Improve Cyber SecurityYou may have heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work.” This quote rings true when it comes to the cyber safety of your company. In most scenarios, having multiple minds working together makes the end result better. Even with golf, which is a game where only one individual swings the clubs, the professionals have caddies that pitch in and give advice on which club to use and what angle to take when approaching the green. Read Full Post

Cyber Safety in Numbers

Cyber risk assessment and managementHave you ever watched “The Evolution of Dance” on Youtube? In 2001 Judson Laipply, an American motivational speaker, danced to 12 different songs ranging from a 1956 Elvis Presley song to ‘N Sync’s year 2000 hit song. It was so popular on Youtube because it was an actual representation of just how dance trends and hit songs can change. What was once popular 10 years ago, looked ridiculous now. Read Full Post

Importance of Real Time Information Security

security software for your companyProtecting your company against the never ending cyber threats has never been more important. As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the last thing that you want to happen is for your company to be the next firm that makes the news for a security breach. As a CISO, you must ask yourself, what does your security software say about your company? Having strong security software has a direct correlation to your firm’s information security strength. Read Full Post

What does Your Security Software say about Your Company?

Avoid Security BreachesBeing the manager of information security for a company has never been more difficult. Cyber threats can come in so many different ways because of the advancement in technology throughout the 2000s. The increase in threats has forced information security managers to re-evaluate their approach to developing security programs across the business. As a manager, overseeing the security measures is just part of your responsibility. Read Full Post

A Manager’s Approach to Security Programs

Interactive Digital Data Security SoftwareOver the last few decades, the internet, as we used to know it, has dramatically changed. No longer does it take a website 5 minutes to load, and dial up internet has ceased to exist. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone with access to internet, a tablet that can give them access everywhere, and a home computer as well. With the advancement in technology, companies across this country have become much more at risk to information security breaches and fraud. Read Full Post

Manage Information Security Effectively

Business Security TacticsWith the recent hackings of large businesses, the need for cyber security is at an all time high. Personal information that can easily be found on the internet is extremely valuable for hackers. If you are an employer, the last thing you want to happen is for your company's confidential information to fall victim to cyber hacking. Research has shown that only 53% of companies that were surveyed had a way to measure how effective their information security program is functioning. Read Full Post

Improve your Cyber Security Strength

Chief Information Security OfficerWith the advancements in technology over the last few years, cyber threats are at an all time high. Some of the largest corporations in America have been hacked, causing individual’s private information to be seen. Discussions internally regarding cyber security have become a very hot topic for many organizations because breaking the news as the next firm to be hacked is not the best publicity. Read Full Post

Playbook for a CISO

Consider this, controls are for auditors, processes are for managers. As someone who has been issuing guidance and helping companies to improve upon their information security for the past 17 years I’ve concluded the industry approach to information security is too narrow. Often times tools are purchased as a reaction to the latest threat or worse, a socially cool trend. To truly operationalize security, information security practitioners, particularly leaders (CISO’s), must focus on how to manage the security program, both data security and cyber security, based on performance of processes. Read Full Post

Controls are for Auditors, Processes are for Managers

Interactive Digital Data Security SoftwareIn the same way that computers and the use of the internet has exponentially increased over the last few decades, so has information security. Simply trying to stay up to date on social media and internet based threats is a job of its own. Funding, the level of security and amount of time spent regarding information security has steadily increased over the years, and will continue to rise in the near future. Many companies have struggled to evolve and stay up to date with information security trends. Read Full Post

Evolution of Information Security

Cyber risk assessment and managementIf you’re a business owner you likely have a million “hats” to wear on a daily basis. You probably handle sales, marketing, customer service, IT, payroll and many other tasks. This is simply the price of running your own business. While the benefits of being your own boss are often worth it, running your own business is hard work. One area that often gets overlooked is data security. Read Full Post

Best Practices for Cyber Data Security

Chief Information Security OfficerBeing a new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) comes with a lot of responsibility. With advancements in cyber attacks and so much going on in social media, the job of a CISO has become increasingly more difficult over recent years. In order for a new CISO to be successful, they must quickly pin down how to balance priorities and challenges on the job. Read Full Post

Solutions to Common Chief Information Security Officer Challenges

Business Security TacticsOur data-driven economy is advancing rapidly at a rate that is difficult for Data Security to keep up. Industries are in a balancing act between giving the customer access to information that they want and keeping data safe from a breach. User Accounts can be compromised, providing access to large amounts of sensitive data. Data Security Tactics should have masking capabilities in place. Read Full Post

Importance of Controlling User Accounts