Common Cyber Security Questions from Boards

Published On: January 8, 2016Categories: Blog

It’s no secret that cybersecurity has become a hot topic throughout our country in regards to keeping both our homes and our businesses safe. So what are people really concerned about when it comes to online security threats in larger corporations? TrustMAPP has done its homework and found common cybersecurity questions that board members most often bring up. If you are a large shareholder within your company, it’s time to listen to their concerns!

Oversight Questions

Since addressing cybersecurity during board meetings is a recently relevant issue, it’s not uncommon for members to question whether or not it should be handled by the board or delegated to a security risk committee. General oversight is greatly needed on cybersecurity because it is so new! Are we doing the right things to protect the company? How do we go about increasing our protection? Is our company personally at risk? These are questions that can all be easily handled by TrustMAPP.

Executive Management Questions

While board members have a lot on their plates, it’s additionally important for them to make sure that executive management and CISO’s are understanding the need for cybersecurity. As they are managing and overseeing risks, are they correctly delegating funds for cybersecurity? All large companies and corporations have highly valuable information that makes their company strong. Is this information well protected? Are our assets well protected? If there is a breach in the system, how can we control it and stop it before our organization suffers? These are all great questions the board members seek in determining cyber risks.

Finding a Balance

While the threat of cybersecurity is always lingering, so are about a million other threats. This day in age, it’s difficult for any company, let alone its board, to determine the right amount of protection vs. risk. Are we doing too much? Are we doing too little? There is a right medium in there and TrustMAPP can help you reach it.

TrustMAPP can be the solution to all of the tough cybersecurity questions that boards typically bring up. As data breaches become an increasingly high risk for large corporations, our measure of security gets stronger. At TrustMAPP, we assess risk, measure security, analyze results and improve strength. No company is the same and therefore, no protection is identical. Put your board members at ease and partner with TrustMAPP to keep your company’s information safe. For more information, please give us a call today at (952) 544-0234.