Communicating the Business Value of Your Information Security Program

When communicating with corporate executives, some CISOs experience skepticism and resistance to requests for support and resource allocation to the information security function. Thinking about possible root causes, industry experts point to the fact that these CISOs often present tactical metrics instead of articulating a clear, mission-aligned message of *business value* for the organization. During this session, we will discuss ways to elevate your conversations with executives and improve your effectiveness as an information security leader.

Watch Adam Stone, VP of Customer Success at TrustMAPP, and Rich Mason, Global CSO of Honeywell, as they discuss:

  • Understanding the benefits of focusing on process maturity metrics for executive audiences.
  • Developing a metrics “story” that clearly articulates the business value of information security.
  • Identifying inter-dependencies between maturity-based metrics, risk, and compliance metrics.

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