Simplifying Compliance Assessments

Compliance with security-related regulations often require much of the time of security and audit professionals. TrustMAPP provides you results that can replace assess many and report many with a single assessment and showing the gaps between one regulation and the compliance requirements of another.

The Approach

TrustMAPP's assess, profile, and plan approach helps you meet compliance requirements. Assess compliance, review, and present your results with powerful reporting. Use TrustMAPP’s powerful planning and roadmapping features to build and communicate your roadmap to compliance.

The Tool

TrustMAPP’s compliance templates and automated delivery provide the industry’s most efficient method to assess and continuously measure and report your ongoing compliance with regulations and security standards. With pre-built and customizable templates, you can create an audit assessment and work with your team to gather the inputs and supporting evidence through a centralized portal. With cross-mappings between regulatory frameworks and their controls, you can easily transfer initial findings and identify gaps in compliance.

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