Cyber Security Risk Assessment and Resolutions

Published On: August 18, 2015Categories: Blog

High profile data breaches have heightened awareness of the need for Information Security. Every Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) must be able to assess information security risks to stay on top of the always changing threats to sensitive data. The TrustMAPP software platform was designed to give you Understandable Security Assessment Results so that you can manage data security constantly, quickly and easily. A unique feature of TrustMAPP software is the Security Software Dashboard for your Entire Company. An accurate assessment is yours to see at a glance rather than waiting weeks or even months for a manual survey assessment.

Understandable Security Assessment Results

Certified security information experts at TrustMAPP have developed software that provides visually appealing summaries of security assessments across your organization. Our system utilizes powerful templates that can provide your organization with Understandable Security Assessment Results when you need them the most. This valuable information can be used to address vulnerabilities before they become a costly data breach.

Security Software Dashboard

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have clarity on your detailed security processes available on a convenient Security Software Dashboard for your entire company? This is the beauty of the TrustMAPP process. Implementing a cybersecurity plan is necessary for all types of businesses. Understanding and maintaining the pertinent information is vital to the ongoing efforts to identify risk factors and have an actionable plan in place. TrustMAPP’s Security Software Dashboard is a valuable tool for risk assessment and management.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Plan

Technology and business experience go hand in hand in the fight to protect an organization’s important information and its reputation. Understanding what steps are necessary to secure critical assets is a major step in the process. TrustMAPP Software provides you with key information that is easy to understand and act on when necessary. Our risk assessment software complies with industry specific regulations and standards.

TrustMAPP Cyber Security Rapid Assessment:

  • First understand your company’s most critical assets to protect
  • Analyze and identify threats to the vital information
  • Forecast the sequence of events in the case of a successful cyber attack
  • Plan for resolutions to remedy a threat and minimize the impact for clients, employees, patients and business reputation

Advanced Information Security Solutions

TrustMAPP Information Security Software provides organizations with a valuable tool in the fight against a cyber attack. We utilize powerful templates that bring you Understandable Security Assessment Results in a cost effective and timely manner. Information is available in a convenient security software dashboard for your entire company. This allows you to stay informed and act quickly to protect your most critical assets.

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