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Published On: November 5, 2015

As a business hoping to survive in today’s fast paced economy, ensuring that your business, your employees and your customers are secure from cyber attacks can be difficult and costly. Cyber security is a constant battle and one that can be hard for non-technical personnel to understand. For this reason we’ve worked extremely hard to develop effective cyber security software that can be used and understood by employees from all levels of the company. By offering this type of software we’re able to help businesses of all sizes prioritize security functions throughout their organizations.

Harsh Truths About Cyber Security Software

There are 2 types of companies: Those that have experienced a data breach and those that don’t know they have yet.

Cyber defense experts claim that it’s no longer about prevention, it’s more about detection. Studies show that the average time it takes for an organization to realize that they’ve fallen victim to a threat is an astounding 229 days. Effective cyber security software can help to cut this time down significantly.

Threats are becoming more dangerous.

Years ago a data breach was not all that serious. It might have cost you time and money, but that was it. Today data breaches can completely cripple an organization and put customers at risk.

You need new weapons

If you’re operating a business today you must have the proper security tools in place to ward off threats when they occur. You may think that you’re too small to be affected by hackers, but the truth is small businesses are some of the most targeted because of their simple and sometimes antiquated security procedures. It’s important to make sure your company is protected by using high quality cyber security tools to not only prevent attacks, but respond to them with haste when and if they do occur.

Corporate networks may be secure on the outside, but they are often quite insecure on the inside.

Companies often focus all of their threats on tools such as antivirus, malware and other tools that try to prevent hackers from infiltrating a network. While these are necessary, companies often do not encrypt anything inside a network, which can present significant problems should someone hack into a corporate network. It’s important to work to encrypt data that is traveling both inside a network as well as outside.

Learn More About TrustMAPP Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how TrustMAPP can help your company not only detect, but respond to cyber security threats, feel free to contact our team today at 952-544-0234.

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