It’s more than a security assessment. It’s your cyber risk story.

What is the TrustMAPP Score?

The TrustMAPP MAPP Score is a powerful tool used by security and risk leaders to assess, monitor, prioritize, and communicate cybersecurity maturity, risk and compliance.It provides an objective, data-driven lens to understand how various groups, assets, products, or geographical regions are impacting the risk posture of an organization’s cyber security program.

How the TrustMAPP Score is Created


  • Select a Frameowrk or Regulation to launch your assessment
  • Assign Subject Matter Experts to specific control areas
  • Select a Start Date and Launch!
  • Connect optional API’s for data integration


  • View results in real-time as information is captured from users and API’s
  • View results at the assessment level, group level or company level
  • Insights Dashboard aggregates across all your active and inactive assessments
  • Generate Word, PDF nd PPT Reports on demand


  • Map Controls to Risks in TrustMAPP Risk Register
  • Prioritze improvement planning using TrustMAPP analytics
  • Forecast budget and headcount using TrustMAPP’s Improve-AI


  • Integrate workflow with Service Request and Project Planning Tools
  • Generate TrustMAPP tasks built off of Improve-AI reccomendations
  • Monitor accountability across non-security teams on risk mitigation activities
  • Observe TrustMAPP scores improve as tasks complete