Does your business meet the FTC’s Cybersecurity Standards?

Published On: September 25, 2015

Cybersecurity…it’s all the buzz in the business world for good reason. Strong cybersecurity is a priority for businesses, their boards, and for consumers. The landscape in this arena has changed and continues to change at such a rapid pace that someone in your company needs to be focused on this area to ensure that your business is staying current and meeting the Federal Trade Commission’s cybersecurity standards. As the 2012 FTC lawsuit against against Wyndham Worldwide showed, the FTC can (and will) hold companies accountable for failing to meet these security standards.

While there is some debate about whether or not FTC standards are clear enough for companies to be able to know exactly what rules to follow, two things are certain:

  1. You want to protect your customers and your company from a massive data breach, like that seen at other major US retailers. This step includes developing, implementing and reassessing your short and long term security goals within the company.
  2. You want to keep your company off of the FTC’s radar and leave no question that you are following appropriate protocol for cybersecurity standards. You do NOT want to land in court battling over whether your standards were high enough.

How Should Your Company Protect Itself?

Data breaches and security threats are a major issue for all organizations in our country. Preventing them takes time, effort and a proactive and concerted effort. TrustMAPP is a brand new software platform that can help your company both automate and visualize information security risk management based on process maturity. TrustMAPP will elevate the confidence in your company’s information security strength by creating a united front between your top notch IT security team and your management team. This software tool will help these groups see common discoveries, goals, and budgets, allowing you and your company to better measure, prioritize, and improve the strength of your entire information security program.

With TrustMAPP, you and your team will be able to quickly assess, measure, analyze, and improve on your company’s entire information security posture—across enterprises or even multiple locations. You can access the software from any device, and TrustMAPP provides real-time intelligence to manage and communicate the maturity of your information security and privacy programs by department, group, business unit, or subsidiary.

Have Questions or Want To Get Started?

To see what TrustMAPP can do for you and your company, you can request a customized demonstration. All you have to do is email or call 1-(952) 544-0234 for more information and our team can help your company and have confidence moving forward in your company’s security strength!

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