Effective Data Security Measures

Published On: October 15, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

Data Security has become one of the most important aspects of a successful business. Data Protection Strategies are not just for major corporations or those that handle highly sensitive information. Every small business should have Effective Data Security Measures in place to ensure the safety of important data such as financial records and client information. The process of Assessing Risk, Measuring Effectiveness, Analyzing Results and Improving Strength has been simplified by the TrustMAPP software platform. Our Real-time Cyber Security Software provides an Affordable Security Assessment Tool to protect your company from a costly security breach.

Data Protection Strategies

Small business owners must be aware of the vulnerabilities that exist today in data security. Businesses of all sizes have to take measures to prevent data records from being compromised by an outside source or leaked from within. The following Data Protection Strategies are recommended for small businesses.

  • Install a strong firewall to control the flow of internet traffic
  • Install antivirus and anti-malware software and keep them up to date
  • Strong passwords of 8 to 12 characters long for each individual (use lower case, upper case, symbols and numbers)
  • Keep all software up to date to install security patches and updates
  • Encrypt laptops and keep them in a secured location
  • Smart phones should be encrypted, password protected and be equipped with remote wiping capabilities
  • Back up computers regularly to a cloud service or external hard drive
  • Educate your employees on being smart when surfing online, downloading attachments or clicking on an unexpected link in an email
  • Utilize effective, real-time cyber security software from TrustMAPP

Real-Time Cyber Security Software

The best data protection comes in the form of a smart security dashboard for your company. TrustMAPP’s Real-time Cyber Security Software provides businesses with assessment tools that you can access quickly. Our software platform was developed to help businesses to deal with complex security issues in a real-world setting. You can quickly Assess Risk, Measure Effectiveness, Analyze Results and Improve Strength of your business information security program.

Affordable Security Assessment Tool

TrustMAPP provides an Affordable Security Assessment Tool that can secure your sensitive data. The TrustMAPP real-time cyber security software is a very cost effective and timely asset for businesses of all sizes. Our innovative security platform allows you to quickly assess and visualize security risks and set goals for intelligent improvements.

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