Effective Security Solutions: Be Progressive, not Submissive

Published On: November 29, 2015Categories: Blog

With every passing year, there seems to be breaking news of a new massive online security breach that puts customer data at risk and companies in jeopardy of losing business and their reputation. There are lot of differing and sometimes competing opinions about how best to secure your site and out of the box thinking may be the key to protecting your company’s future.

Creative and Out-Of-Box Thinking is the Best Bet

Interestingly, security attacks have not changed much over the last decade. They are threatening, highly effective and can be massive, and yet there has been little that large companies have been able to do in response to these attacks. As a company leader or part of the IT team, you hope your company is doing enough to ward off an attack. Unfortunately, the response to these threats is very reactionary, and the key to fighting these security attacks may well be to be more visionary.

So, what does this mean for your company? Some takeaways are that tactics like penetration testing, collecting more data, and complex solutions have not and may not be able fully protect against a cyber attack. You will have more luck being more progressive in your thinking, keeping it simple, and encouraging your security team to brainstorm creatively to come up with ideas that might work for your specific site. Another effective strategy is helping your management teams and board of directors to connect- increasing internal communication channels will increase the potential for finding out of the box solutions that will help protect you in the future.

Getting Support To Protect Your Company

Another strategy to protect yourself from a looming security threat is to enlist the help of a company that specializes in preventing data breaches. TrustMAPP, is the first software platform that can automate and visualize information security risk management based primarily on process maturity. TrustMAPP will elevate confidence in your company’s information security position by uniting the forces in your company, bringing your IT security team and your management team together around common discoveries, goals, and budgets.

TrustMAPP can help you be more progressive and creative in your thinking about managing potential data threats. Our team can assess your entire security profile in a fast and cost effective way so that your leadership team will have the information that you need to prioritize your security goals and strengthen your overall profile. Call 1-(952)-544-0234 or email sales@securedigitalsolutions.com for more information or to request a free customized demonstration to see for yourself how our software can help your company.