Assess Information Security Programs

Measure and Improve the Information Security Program

Unlike audits, which provide a snapshot in time about specific controls, an assessment of security processes, using risk and maturity, determines an organization’s capability and effectiveness to address constantly evolving risks.

TrustMAPP translates controls into processes, reducing the communication footprint to the business. Selected controls mapped to processes are combined into powerful assessment templates to measure the cybersecurity performance. Some example processes include vulnerability management, third-party risk management, incident response, and a multitude of other processes, depending on your industry and business objectives. 

Rapid Assessments with Templates

TrustMAPP's templates are pre-built on widely used frameworks, including NIST Cyber Security Framework and ISO27002 as well as industry-specific regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, FFIEC and CIS Top 20 Controls. Apply any combination to rapidly query those responsible for security processes on the front lines of your organization. By simply selecting from a series of predefined statements, your team quickly provides data that TrustMAPP mines into meaningful scores.

Replacing manual assessments that can take weeks or months and still produce manually-generated yet subjective results, TrustMAPP provides objective and meaningful assessment data to act upon in just days. Results are generated into a graphic-rich dashboard that gives you and your executives at-a-glance comprehension. Included with trustMAPP are recommendations to achieve specified performance goals to answer the question "How much is enough" while projecting estimated resource and capital investment requirements.

TrustMAPP was designed to reduce already overburdened information security teams conduct continuous risk and performance monitoring while tracking improvements and justifying budgets over time.

TrustMAPP has been proven to support  numerous customer demands, including Prioritize InitiativesTrend Security or Privacy, Continuous Security and Risk Management, Communicate Cyber Risk and Performance, and Automate Energy Industry Requirements.

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