Align Risk and Maturity

Align Risk and Maturity for a Comprehensive View of Cybersecurity

Gain an advantage by aligning risk with maturity to understand how improving performance (maturity) is impacting risk for a given area. With this unique view security leaders can also answer the question “what is it going to take” to improve performance and address risk for a given function.

Equally important is the expertise to know which steps are needed—in order—to reduce or eliminate risks when they are discovered. And finally, to estimate what the real costs are—a necessary step for budget approval.

Use Simple, Accurate Metrics

TrustMAPP is a timely, cost effective secure-cloud application that’s straightforward and simple to use across your entire organization. TrustMAPP provides prebuilt survey templates designed by industry experts that are convenient to set up and assign to individuals and groups in your organization.

By simply selecting from a series of predefined security statements, your team’s assessment results provide the data that TrustMAPP mines into valuable and instantly understandable visualizations. Visual analytics compiled using proprietary scoring algorithms bring your data to life, and provide an instant profile of where your business processes are strong and where they’re not.

A Data Security Risk Consultant at Your Fingertips

As your organization takes steps to improve, TrustMAPP helps you close the loop by providing interactive tools to modify assessments. These modifications will instantly reflect positive or negative changes in your business processes. The process will raise your score and give you “the big picture”—from initial assessment to goal completion across your entire organization.