Profile Information Security Results

Get Actionable Insights from a Clear Cyber Security Risk Dashboard.

How can security leaders report information security performance to board directors and executive stakeholders in a meaningful manner that elevates the discussion beyond bits and bytes? Customers have found the answer within robust profiling and analytical reporting capabilities of the TrustMAPP℠ platform. Each process found in our assessment templates has pre-populated recommendations for improvement of human hours and estimated CapEx. 

As assessment responses come in, TrustMAPP's analytics engine goes to work instantly compiling survey responses into meaningful insights into every corner of your security infrastructure—IT security as well as the human protocols critical to compliance and breach protection.

dashboard-miniThe result is a profile of your entire security and compliance at both a process level and a program level. To each assessed business process, TrustMAPP's scoring engine applies six indicators of maturity as defined in COBIT:

  • Awareness and communication
  • Policies, processes and procedures
  • Tools and automation
  • Skills and expertise
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Goals and metrics

All six dimensions of each process are scored from 1 to 5, using the Carnegie Mellon Maturity I
ndex (CMMI), showing a possible score versus actual score for each process and dimension. When aggregated across all of the organization’s security processes, the maturity measures provide a unique security profile of your organization's security status. Gaps and threats are quickly identified.

Meaningful, Easy-to-Understand Information Security Reporting

A practice this repeatable, reliable, and robust wouldn't mean much without a clear dashboard.  At-a-glance graphical summaries for executives are supported by rich, underlying metrics for a clear picture of risk and needs. When called on with short notice to present security status to the board, CISOs can generate a presentation from the application in minutes, using any mobile device.

We offer information security reporting for those in an array of industries, including energy, finance, healthcare, legal, and higher education.

Try TrustMAPP for yourself! Or see what a MAPP can do for your information security and compliance.