How To: Securely Use The Cloud

Published On: August 29, 2015

At Secure Digital Solutions we’re often asked how businesses can securely use the cloud. Sure the cloud offers loads of flexibility when it comes to data storage and accessibility but these same conveniences also open up companies to potential data breaches. We would like to share ways for companies – of all sizes – to securely use the cloud to improve efficiency in their business while not opening themselves up to cyber attacks.

Choosing a Type of Cloud Solution

When you’re first deciding to use the cloud to improve efficiencies within your business you’ll need to decide which type of solution to use. There are three major types of cloud storage that you can use for housing company data.

  • Public Cloud Storage – This is the least secure cloud storage option. Public cloud storage is essentially available to anyone via a free account with providers like Dropbox or Google Drive. While this type of storage is extremely convenient, you should avoid using it for any confidential data.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage – A hybrid cloud option is a combination of public and private cloud storage. This option allows you to have internal cloud resources that are extremely secure for your most confidential data while also using public cloud storage for data that is less critical to your business.
  • Private Cloud Storage – A private cloud is a fully secure, private network used for storage. This option is the most expensive and often the least flexible. This option is for companies that are hyper sensitive about the security of all of their data and must take extra precautions to avoid any type of data breach.

Secure Cloud Monitoring

Once you’ve chosen a cloud storage option you have to start thinking about how you’ll monitor your solution to prevent or identify potential data breaches. This piece is critical for companies with large amounts of compromising data. By choosing a solution like TrustMAPP from Secure Digital Solutions your company is able to have a robust security monitoring service that offers a visual “heartbeat” of the security of your company data. This visual interface allows all members of your company from IT professionals to top-level managers to quickly get a sense of the security threats within your organization. Never before has one tool offered so much information about the security health of your organization.

For more information about TrustMAPP and how it can help improve cloud security in your organization, don’t hesitate to contact our team today by phone at 952-544-0234 or via email at

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