Importance of Controlling User Accounts

Published On: September 22, 2015

Our data-driven economy is advancing rapidly at a rate that is difficult for Data Security to keep up. Industries are in a balancing act between giving the customer access to information that they want and keeping data safe from a breach. User Accounts can be compromised, providing access to large amounts of sensitive data. Data Security Tactics should have masking capabilities in place. Having an intelligent system to analyze threat risks and effective security measures across the entire enterprise is a major source of comfort. The TrustMAPP Security Dashboard is designed to answer complex security challenges in a way that is easy to visualize and act upon, no matter who you are in the company.

Cybersecurity Keeping Business Leaders Awake

Industry leaders all across America are admitting that Cyber Security keeps them awake at night. Corporate as well as National Security may be at risk from individuals from a foreign or domestic state or a terrorist group. The implications of a security breach can affect areas such as Financial Institutions, Power Grids, Technology and sensitive Medical information. Senate committees are working to address cybersecurity issues connected to national and economic security.

Controlling Access to User Accounts

Every organization must do its part in keeping up with the ways in which the technological fabric of the institution is evolving. Controlling Access to User Accounts is a major step in the right direction. Think of the implications of a User Account Breach on an individual with access to multiple areas within the organization. One compromised user account may harvest data from a vast pool of sensitive information.

Information Access Policy Questions

  • Does your policy safeguard data across a range of sources and languages?
  • Are you able to customize data access based on the user’s role?
  • Does your security platform work across the entire enterprise and analyze across any application?
  • Can your data policy provide real time enforcement or masking of sensitive data?
  • Can you visually assess data access attempts to recognize a suspicious pattern of activity?

Data Security Tactics

Utilizing an Information Security Platform such as TrustMAPP allows organizations the ability to visualize Data Security Tactics on a convenient security dashboard. You can monitor user account access and protect against a user account breach that could result in lost revenue, lost confidence, lost business and loss of sleep.

Information Security Platform

TrustMAPP is an intelligent Information Security Platform for the technology age. Organizations can quickly analyze and react to suspicious patterns before a User Account Breach takes place. All of your Data Security Tactics can be visualized and monitored within the affordable TrustMAPP system.

For an affordable and Intelligent Security Dashboard trust TrustMAPP. Call us Today at (952) 544-0234.

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