Importance of Real Time Information Security

Published On: December 1, 2015Categories: Blog

Have you ever watched “The Evolution of Dance” on Youtube? In 2001 Judson Laipply, an American motivational speaker, danced to 12 different songs ranging from a 1956 Elvis Presley song to ‘N Sync’s year 2000 hit song. It was so popular on Youtube because it was an actual representation of just how dance trends and hit songs can change. What was once popular 10 years ago, looked ridiculous now. The dancing genre has changed and it has evolved, much like everything else in this world. While some change is all good and fun, like the evolution of dance, others can be devastatingly bad. Technology has ramped up and evolved into this great masterpiece of social connections, business ventures, and even an economy booster. While technology is a thing of beauty, its ability to be hacked and destroyed is almost terrifying. As our technology grows, so do the ways to hack it. In order to protect your online business, you need to partner with someone that can keep up. At TrustMAPP, as the technology grows and evolves, so does our real time information security systems.

The Latest Threat

By the time you read this post, hackers have created another way to get into your system. Fortunately, TrustMAPP is on top of it. The latest technology advancement in the cell phone world is the ability for Siri to only recognize your voice so your phone will not take commands from just anyone. While that may be a nice feature, does it really protect you? Hackers can now use radio waves from across the room to silently activate Siri or Android’s Google Now. If headphones are plugged in, they use it as an antenna to exploit the wire and access the phone’s operating system. Instantly, the hacker can make calls, send texts, open websites, send spam, or do anything that any capable cell phone user could do. Again, while technology advancement is a positive thing, partnering with TrustMAPP for real time information security is becoming a necessity.

How We Protect You

At TrustMAPP, we do 4 things perfectly: we assess the risk, measure your security, analyze the results, and improve strength to your system. We are the industry’s most intelligent security dashboard because we understand the necessity of keeping up with the latest technology. We take big leaps forward in calculating and communicating the business value of security. We do all of these things quickly so that the security of your business is not compromised.

For more information on TrustMAPP and the importance of real time information security, call us today at (952) 544-0234. While we can’t promise you an evolution of dance performance, we can promise you that your security will evolve along with the advancement of technology.