Importance of Travel Security

Published On: December 15, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

When you get ready to embark on a journey out of the country, what are some of the things you consider as top priority? In this day in age, most would respond with safety. How am I going to stay safe? How am I going to keep my belongings safe? What do I need to bring to protect myself? These are all pretty valid questions but do you ever think about the security of your own devices? How are you keeping both personal and business related items safe? We have reached an era where travel security is a top concern anytime you decide to leave this country. Fortunately, with TrustMAPP, your information security team, we can help.

High Risk Countries = High Risk Companies

Stealing data from devices is an entirely new form of violence in itself. The U.S. posts several alerts and warnings for those traveling outside of the U.S. and specifically, what countries pose the most risk. Risk charts are updated monthly and someone should be preparing you before you travel to these high risk areas! Not everything has to be so scary though. If you have a multinational company, traveling is a necessity. The traveling employee should be made aware of the technological risk, and all the devices that they are carrying should be prepared. If you value your company and the information that is held within your devices, it is worth partnering with an information security protection agency. It is worth partnering with TrustMAPP.

TrustMAPP Travel Security

At TrustMAPP, we strive to do 4 things incredibly well: assess risk, measure security, analyze results, and improve strength. Data breaches are a major risk facing every organization and when you travel to high risk countries, the risk only becomes greater. TrustMAPP has created 6 pre-built reports that are designed for the leadership of a company to view. Radar charts and brief report dashboard with scores can help give companies a clear understanding of the investment they are making to improve the strength of their information security. From specific travel devices to analyzing devices for tampering and unauthorized access, we can help to protect your company’s vital information while traveling abroad.

Making your information safe when traveling to high risk countries should be a top priority for both your personal and professional information. To learn more information on travel security and the benefits of TrustMAPP’s information security systems, please call us today at (952) 544-0234.