Improve your Cyber Security Strength

Published On: October 30, 2015Categories: Blog

With the recent hackings of large businesses, the need for cyber security is at an all time high. Personal information that can easily be found on the internet is extremely valuable for hackers. If you are an employer, the last thing you want to happen is for your company’s confidential information to fall victim to cyber hacking. Research has shown that only 53% of companies that were surveyed had a way to measure how effective their information security program is functioning. If your company could use a facelift in the strength of your cyber security, TrustMAPP offers a reliable cyber security platform for you to be able to make sure that your data is safe.

Our Security Platform

At TrustMAPP, our highly advanced platform provides our customers with an affordable way to analyze your cyber security methods at any time. Without analyzing the results, there is no way for you to increase the strength of your cyber security. We offer security assessment methods that help you create a security roadmap that will quickly lead to improvements across your company. Your clients expect the data that you handle to be secure, and it is your responsibility to make that happen.

Quick Analysis

At TrustMAPP, we pride ourselves on offering real-time security measurement to our clients. Say goodbye to the expensive assessments that take weeks or even months to analyze. Through advanced analytics, TrustMAPP can analyze your data instantly and return it back to you in visual graphs and diagrams that make sense. Soon, you will be able to have a true understanding of your cyber security strength on a daily basis. If you are expected to provide an oversight of your company’s security strength at a meeting in a few days, TrustMAPP is exactly what you need! Thanks to our real-time software, you can easily compare your security strength week to week.

We’re on your Side

TrustMAPP was created to help companies strengthen and have a better understanding of their information security management. With a goal to offer data analysis both accurately and visually, companies have been able to take a hold of their cyber security. Not only do we provide the security platform, but we make it easy for you to communicate the results to other executives within your firm.

Don’t be the next company that gets hacked and is all over the news! Instead, team up with TrustMAPP today to enhance your cyber security strength. Give us a call today at (952) 544-0234 to learn more about our cyber security strengthening services.