Improve Your Cyber Security

Published On: November 12, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

The dreaded “Hacker Attack” on your company’s data is just one aspect of Cyber Security that must be addressed. The majority of critical data loss is attributed non-malicious to employee errors. Implementing a Comprehensive Cyber Security Plan is important for small businesses as well as giant corporations. Employees must be able to understand what they need to do to keep information secure. TrustMAPP software was intentionally designed to be Easy to Understand and Constantly Working to Assess, Analyze, Measure and Improve upon Cyper-Security.

Common Employee Data Security Mistakes

Let’s face it employees are prone to make a mistake or two while just doing their jobs. Unfortunately, a non-malicious mistake can do as much harm as a cyber attack against your company. It is important to educate employees on Information Security Best Practices and have an intelligent and practical way to assess cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The following list shows Common Employee Data Security Mistakes:

  • Installing unauthorized software on computers
  • Sharing passwords
  • Sharing corporate computers and other devices
  • Unauthorized remote access to files
  • Unauthorized access to the network
  • Leaving laptops, tablets or other devices unsecured

Easy to Understand Cyber Security Analysis

What good is valuable information that is difficult to understand? Cyber Security Analysis should provide clarity and solutions, not confusion or chaos. An intelligent, yet Easy to Understand Data Security Solution has been designed by security experts at TrustMAPP. We designed innovative software that utilizes visually compelling templates for understandable analysis at a glance.

Constantly Working to Protect Your Business

Knowing that critical Cyber Security Mistakes can and do happen companies must enact a way to analyze and assess for data loss. Software from TrustMAPP is Constantly Working to Protect Your Business from both intentional and unintentional data leakage. You can easily Measure and Assess areas that are in need of improvement and budget your resources accordingly. Complex security and regulation compliance issues can be seamlessly managed and analyzed with our automated system.

­Intelligent Cyber Security Improvements

The new TrustMAPP software platform was developed over six years by Information Security Risk Management Experts. It was designed to deliver Intelligent Cyber Security Analysis that provides businesses with an easy to understand roadmap to Data Security Improvements. The TrustMAPP automated system is constantly working to protect your business from devastating data leakage. Whether the leak is attributed to a Malicious Cyber Attack or unfortunate employee mistake, you can be up to date on the status of your entire security program.

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