Information Security Dashboard

TrustMAPP Information Security Dashboard

“How Can I Measure My Information Security?”

If you’re asking that question, you’re not the only one. The lack of mature instruments to do information security gap assessments has been an industry downfall, as documented recently in the Wall Street Journal. That is, until now.

Introducing TrustMAPP—the most advanced software platform available to quickly assess, visualize, and help prioritize your organization’s breach readiness ability. It is a robust information security assessment method that has been developed into an easily readable and interactive dashboard. As such, TrustMAPP is the enterprise data security measurement platform you’ve been searching for—capable of identifying gaps, focusing priorities, and arming CISOs with metrics to persuade senior management that information security matters and deserves funding for particular areas of need.

Automated Information Security Dashboard Secure Cloud Application

TrustMAPP a cost-effective, easy-to-use, secure application that runs on all devices—to give your organization an information security score and strategy.

The Power of Accurate, Automated Assessments

Replacing lengthy manual assessments with automated templates that gather facts in days rather than months, TrustMAPP enables CISOs to rapidly assess, measure, analyze, improve, and report on key processes—including the human resources and protocols implicated in the majority of data breaches.

TrustMAPP provides insight and priorities for improving your information security program through routine and accurate self-assessments. The assessment surveys in TrustMAPP encompass up to 40 critical processes, tailored by specific industries. Each process is based on an industry standards or regulations and guided by the extensive experience of Secure Digital Solutions, a consulting firm with 10 years of success addressing both technical and business needs in the information security space.

Communicating Data Security Risk—Without Guesswork

TrustMAPP offers you the automation to measure and communicate—with accuracy—the maturity of your information security and compliance programs. Its credible metrics overcome confusion and skepticism, build strategic security plans that align with bigger corporate goals, and create stronger partnerships with IT Audit, business departments, and senior management in Minnesota.

With your entire Minnesota organization “on the same page in the same book” it is now possible to raise awareness and make everyone responsible for information security.