TrustMAPP has always been focused on enabling clear, actionable communications amongst security leaders, their teams, the C-Suite, and the board of directors.

To make TrustMAPP even better, we are introducing TrustMAPP Insights, our best-ever data visualization tool for CISOs and everyone else who cares about cyber security and privacy.

Insights gives you more detailed, in-depth, precise storytelling, and a more interactive experience, so you have the broadest possible view into your security program.

Visualize Where You Are and Where You Want to Go

TrustMAPP’s Insights allows organizations to visualize and interact with assessment data in ways that are more impactful.

Persona-Based Dashboards

TrustMAPP has designed persona-based dashboards with the right level of details for your audience. Whether your audience is the Board of Directors or front-line managers, there is a dashboard that translates assessment data into meaningful visualizations.

Trending and What-if Scenarios

Insights can help with what-if scenarios to identify the critical decision paths and budgetary constraints.

Identify Areas at Greatest Risk

Broad view of security maturity posture lets you immediately identify areas of greatest risk. Import third-party risk data & visualize in a custom dashboard.


Easily set up alerts for when your data changes. You can receive alerts via email, SMS, Zapier, and Slack. Non-TrustMAPP users can receive alerts too.

Filters and Drilldowns

Dashboards and widgets can be filtered to find the exact pieces of data that tell the right story to your audience. Drilldown into the exact artifacts and elements to identify anomalous data that would otherwise be hidden from sight.

Collaborate and Share

Easily print and share dashboards and individual charts based upon your selected filters. Download dashboard and widget images for ad-hoc reports and presentations and the fly.

Custom Dashboard Services

TrustMAPP offers custom design services for clients that are looking for specific analytics and visualization. If you have external data that you want to use in conjunction with TrustMAPP data, our team of data scientists can help cleanse, transform, and import the data to a dashboard that fits your needs.


Select a look and feel that is appropriate for your organization.

Executive Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

Risk Dashboard