Interactive Security Dashboard

Published On: August 14, 2015

Data breaches are becoming more and more common among organizations of all sizes. Preventing these breaches takes a unified approach from the everyday employee to the IT staff and all the way up to the top level of management. At TrustMAPP we’re proud to offer an interactive security dashboard that allows any business to quickly assess, measure, analyze and improve on their security protocols. From any device, TrustMAPP allows users to have real time access to data to help manage information security broken down by department, business unit or subsidiary.

TrustMAPP Information Security Platform

Our platform offers users an unprecedented look into the potential security weaknesses of a business. We break our software features down into four roles, including:

  1. Assess Risk – TrustMAPP was designed to allow IT personnel to establish, monitor and manage security processes from a single easy to use interface. TrustMAPP has a large number of pre-built assessment templates that allow you to quickly initiate security policies. These templates assure compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, ISO/IEC, NIST, GLBA, Safe Harbor and many others.
  2. Measure Security – Preventing a data breach is a constant battle to ensure your security tools are measuring up to the task at hand. With TrustMAPP you can automatically gauge the strength of your security protocols against best practices that are tailored to your industry.
  3. Analyze Results – The real beauty of TrustMAPP’s Interactice Security Dashboard is the visual representations that show gaps and threats in your security plan and how to react. This visual representation allows company members across all technical levels to easily understand security needs.
  4. Improve Strength – Once security processes have been implemented, measured and analyzed it’s now time to improve upon any weaknesses by implementing fixes along with detailed costs and resources that will be required.

Importance of a Robust Information Security Program With Metrics

With recent large scale data breaches at companies like Anthem Blue Cross, Sony, Target, Home Depot and many others, it’s incredibly important for companies to become aware of the need for information security. This challenge can be sometimes difficult to accept for some management members who are not technically advanced. Thanks to TrustMAPP’s interactive software, it becomes hard to argue metrics that are easily accessed through our unique security tools.

If your organization could benefit from TrustMAPP feel free to contact one of our security experts by phone at 952-544-0234 or via email at Feel free to browse through our online videos that will give you a sense of the power of our software, but be sure to contact us directly if you’re interested in a more personalized demonstration.

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