Is your Company too Confident about its Security?

Published On: November 18, 2015

Growing up, we are taught that confidence is a great characteristic to have when it comes to school, sports, and friends. Some of the most successful people in America are extremely confident. There is a fine line, however, in being confident vs. becoming over confident. Having too much faith in oneself can end up getting you in trouble. In the same way that overconfidence can bring down an individual, the same can be said for a company that is too confident about their security. If you sense that your firm may be oblivious to potential security threats, teaming up with TrustMAPP is just what you need!

Security Risks are a Constant in this World

Research has shown that many successful companies believe that their cyber security policies are strong enough that they are not at risk of a breach. In fact, roughly 24% of companies questioned in the recent survey by YouGov felt that they were very confident that their firm was protected and not at risk of a breach. Additionally, nearly 60% felt that they were fairly confident that their cyber security was up to par. By combining these two percentages, over 80% of the companies surveyed felt confident that their security was in a good place. This alarmingly high percentage shows just how confident firms have become when it comes to being hacked. With the advancement in technologies over the last decade, some firms do not even realize that they have been hacked. TrustMAPP strives to bring companies confidence levels back to a realistic level so that they can ensure that security across the company is taken seriously.

Security Against Diverse Attacks

Breaches come in all forms this day in age. Malware vulnerabilities, email spam, internal hacking and security issues with cloud based storage, tend to be the most common forms of hacking today. Consider yourself lucky if your firm has not yet been the victim of a cyber security breach. Having a clean slate with cyber security is even more of a reason to team up with TrustMAPP for an information security dashboard that can help you manage, measure, assess, and review any potential threats, as well as help you increase cyber security across your entire company.

When it comes to your company’s cyber security, it is important to take a step back and ask yourself, “Are we being too confident?” Don’t let being over confident be the reason why you miss a breach that could have been caught. Instead team up with our dedicated staff at TrustMAPP to give you that true confidence of information security. Give us a call today at (952) 544-0234 or visit to learn more about our security platform.

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