Keep Your Computer Safe Online

Published On: August 20, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

Keeping your computer safe can be difficult. Internet safety is especially important when it comes to corporate networks. A business network is only as safe as it’s weakest link. If you do not have a robust security policy in place for your entire network you could be susceptible to a variety of cyber attacks. If you’re looking for an interactive tool to manage your Internet security processes, TrustMAPP from Secure Digital Solutions offers a software package that can finally put all of your security worries at ease. Aside from a security dashboard it’s also important to use common sense when protecting your corporate network. Use the tips in this blog to ensure your network is being sufficiently protected.

Regularly Scan for Viruses

Viruses are able to infiltrate a computer network in a variety of different ways. Someone may accidentally click on a suspicious link, which can load a virus on a computer that can eventually infect an entire network. It’s best to ensure a virus scanner is loaded on every computer on a network and that the virus definitions are regularly updated to ensure new threats are identified.

Use a Firewall

A firewall consists of a piece of hardware or software that sits between your computer and the external network. This network appliance controls access of data coming in and going out from your network. This tool can help to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

Regularly Scan for Spyware

While virus scanners identify thousands of different viruses, depending on the type of software that you use they may not protect you from spyware. Spyware is a type of virus that is less intrusive, but equally dangerous. Spyware will track the websites that you visit and can even hijack normal functions like visiting certain websites. If your virus scanner doesn’t scan for spyware it’s important to download a separate utility to handle this function.

Use an Information Security Platform

If you run a company of any size, data security is likely one of your largest concerns. Experts claim that it’s not “if” you’re going to be compromised by a data breach, but rather “when”. With an intelligent security dashboard you can measure and act on security issues automatically. This way you and your employees can focus on growing your business as opposed to blindly reacting to security issues.

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