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TrustMAPP delivers Security Performance Management, giving CISOs a real-time view of the effectiveness of their security program. TrustMAPP tells you where you are, where you’re going, and what it will take to get there.

From a single source of data, an organization’s security posture can be visualized from any stakeholder perspective: CISO, C-Suite, and Board. TrustMAPP gives organizations the ability to manage security as a business, quantifying and prioritizing remediation actions and costs.

White Paper – Information Security Leaders: Communicate the Value of Your Program

Top executives are not only asking for regular cybersecurity updates, they’re also asking better questions. While security leaders are enjoying this newfound attention to security, this means security leaders need to devote more of their time to assessing and communicating the effectiveness of their security program.

Demonstrating alignment to business objectives and ensuring security resources are deployed in the right way has also received increased focus. All these increased corporate needs translate into the security leader spending large amounts of time translating highly technical metrics into executive-level dashboards, and mapping how security operations enable and protect the organization’s business objectives. We offer a picture of an easier way.