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TrustMAPP® Information Security Management Platform

TrustMAPP® is avaiInteractive Digital Data Security Softwarelable as a subscription with levels of service and functionality to choose from. The platform brings value to organizations of all sizes, especially those managing security across a diverse landscape.

TrustMAPP® can also be implemented as part of an engagement with your existing security services partner. Ask your information security services partner about a subscription to TrustMAPP®.

Request a personalized tour of TrustMAPP or a free trial. To learn more contact a team member at, or call +1-952-544-0234.


The table below compares the difference between traditional approach to a security program baseline and roadmap and the automation power of TrustMAPP®.



Traditional Approach

Web-Based Management Platform

Professional Validation Services

Summary Roadmap

Detailed Strategic Roadmap

Executive Summary Reporting

Labor/Capital Investments to Reach Goal(s)

Adjustable Maturity Goals

Remediation Workflow Automation

Static Reporting

Dynamic On-Demand Reporting

Alignment With Business Objectives