Manage Information Security Effectively

Published On: November 10, 2015Categories: Blog

Over the last few decades, the internet, as we used to know it, has dramatically changed. No longer does it take a website 5 minutes to load, and dial up internet has ceased to exist. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone with access to internet, a tablet that can give them access everywhere, and a home computer as well. With the advancement in technology, companies across this country have become much more at risk to information security breaches and fraud. Managing information security has become increasingly difficult because of how potential breaches can come from so many different angles. If you are looking for ways to more effectively manage your company’s information security, a simple solution is partnering with TrustMAPP, an information security platform designed to help companies elevate their security confidence.

Strict Regulations

Due to the increased cyber breaches and fraudulent activity, regulatory pressures are rising. These increased regulations are focused on strengthening internal review of security controls and making sure that those controls are in place. In the eyes of the regulators, having a security plan is not enough. The plan must be in practice as well. This all starts with the management of your internal information security. Even if your firm has taken protective measures such as investing in a security solution, if nothing has been done to implement this solution, then it’s not considered enough. To meet the strict regulations in place, you have to be able to manage the solution, utilize the reporting, notify your support staff and work through the issue should a cyber security alert occur. This may be too overwhelming for some firms to manage on their own, and that’s where teaming up with TrustMAPP is important!

How TrustMAPP can Help Elevate Security

TrustMAPP specializes in taking some of the pressure from the regulators off of your shoulders. We thrive in elevating information security for companies of all sizes by offering the following security features:

  • Assessing Risk – Monitoring potential security issues is very time consuming. Our security platform will continuously monitor threats and provide data to you real time.
  • Measure Maturity – We offer a cost effective cloud platform to help you measure which threats may be more threatening than others. You will be able to report and act on these measures in an instant.
  • Analyze Results – Being able to clearly illustrate threats to the decision making staff within your firm is important. TrustMAPP understands that, which is why we make it easy by providing visual charts, diagrams and comparisons that you can hand over to the board members.
  • Improve Strength – TrustMAPP will help you create a security roadmap that will look great in the eyes of regulators and will also increase your information security strength.

So, if you are struggling with managing your information security effectively, TrustMAPP is eager and ready to assist you with making sure that your security levels are focused on being aware, accountable, measurable, automatic and compliant with these strict policies and procedures. Give TrustMAPP a call today at (952) 544-0234 to better manage your information security!