Measuring Information Security

Published On: August 29, 2016

Measuring information security is one of the most difficult tasks a security leader faces. How do you measure something that has no quantifiable definition? There just is not an accepted metric by which to measure r compare, yet this is exactly what most board members want to know. “Security leaders must begin to speak the language of the business and show forecast improvements, investments required, and track improvement based on consistent key process indicators. This is the same rigor applied to other areas of the business and information security or cyber security must transcend.” Quote taken from Michael T. Lester’s article Technology Security and the Human Condition posted on CSO online.
Check out how Michael Lester’s CSO Online article goes on to explain how Information Security is a “human problem” not a “machine problem” and how Secure Digital Solutions “TrustMAPP” platform addresses this issue. Read the full article at CSO Online.

Secure Digital Solutions (SDS) has been at the forefront of maturity-based consulting, today offering a baseline Maturity Assessment, Profile, and Plan (MAPP) to all our clients. We’ve made the three-step MAPP process rapid, reliable, and repeatable with our automation platform, TrustMAPP™.

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