Minimize your Online Risk

Published On: September 15, 2015Categories: Tips & Best Practices, Blog

We live in a day in age where almost everything is technology based. From the way our cars drive to how we lock our doors at night, our life depends a lot on technology. When someone trusts your business or online website with their valuable information, like a credit card or social security number, it’s important that you have a high alert information security system. While it’s important to keep yourself safe from these types of attacks, let’s not forget the simple ways, whether we are on or off the job, that social media places us at risk for attacks. At TrustMAPP Information Security, we care about our clients strive to fill in those large gaps in information security management. The following tips should always be used to keep you and your family safe while at a job online or on social media:

School Colors? Sure. School Mascot? Sit that One Out.

How many times do you forget your password? Most websites realize that the likelihood of you forgetting your password or your user name during your membership on the site is high. While those “security questions” are a great way to identify your identity, it’s also a great way for identity thieves to hack into your account! Either stick to cheering solely on the sidelines of the game or consider placing a rival high school name down! How’s that for trickery?

Your Entire Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Profile

People that are following you should know you already! Putting your favorite movie or inspiration up may be interesting to some but detrimental to your identity overall. While “Finding Nemo” is the greatest movie known to man, not everyone needs to see that reflected in your profile. Once again, you can always change that answer up with something that no one would ever guess! Likewise, your social media sites have the capability of automatically putting location to your picture. “Hello burglar. We are out of town. Please feel free to raid our home and grab a beer from the fridge! Don’t want you to get too thirsty carrying all my TVs out!”

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and in Some Cases, a Thousand Dollars!

Talk about the saddest Taylor Swift fan in the world! So you decided to spring for front row seats and take a pretty little picture of your tickets? Bragging to all of your friends can be a big no no! BURN. Anything you snap that has a barcode on it can quickly be scanned by a prowler who now gets to feel the sweat from Taylor’s skinny little legs in YOUR front row seats! Same goes for video games, gift cards, etc…it’s all the same!

So whether you are posting for your business or having some fun on social media, it’s always a good idea to keep your information on the down-low. If you are looking for a company that can help keep your business safe, TrustMAPP Information Security can build you strong information security programs that really work! Located in Minneapolis, MN, give TrustMAPP a call today for all of your information security needs. Contact us today at (952) 544-0234.