Support Metrics-Driven Decisions

Published On: January 1, 2016

In the past, executive members and decision makers would meet to discuss internal findings within an organization, and key decisions would be made without much assistance from external applications. With the advancement of technology and increase in easy to use external resources, decision-making has improved substantially with many organizations. Information security is one of the areas within a company that has benefited from this advancement. Cyber threats are a hot topic with board members. If you feel like your company is behind when it comes to decision-making resources centered around information security, consider investing in an information security platform, TrustMAPP, that specializes in providing resources and advanced analytics to help make important business decisions around security.

Importance of Analytics

Studies have shown that by the year 2020, nearly 75% of all organizations will utilize advanced analytics to help make important business decisions. What good is data if it cannot be illustrated and broken down to a level that decision makers not directly involved in information security can understand. That is where TrustMAPP comes into play. More and more companies are relying on software based resources to help stay ahead of potential cyber threats. TrustMAPP’s information security software will help you analyze potential security threats in the following ways:

  • Assessing Risk – Board members do not want you to bring every single cyber security threat to meetings. The entire meeting would be spent on information security if that was the case. TrustMAPP helps you assess potential risks that may be lurking.
  • Measuring Risk – Which cyber threat is more important than others? Our measuring applications help you prioritize which threats to place more emphasis on. At TrustMAPP, our software has the ability to instantly score various threats and illustrate these risks in an easy to understand way, thanks to visual analytics.
  • Analyze Results – Once business plans and projects are in place, being able to analyze how well these enhancements are doing is extremely important. TrustMAPP measures your processes against six phases of maturity, based on the COBIT maturity model and the fine details of your security strategy.
  • Improvement Tools – One of the true reasons why organizations invest in external resources is to improve the strength of various parts of the business, including information security. TrustMAPP’s cloud based software helps you develop a reliable security roadmap that sets your firm up for success long term.

Say goodbye to the days when you walked into a board meeting and didn’t feel confident about the numbers and findings that you were bringing to the table. When it comes to your organization’s information security, think outside of the box and invest in an information security platform designed to help you make better business decisions thanks to advanced analytics. Join the trend and team up with TrustMAPP today by calling (952) 544-0234.

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